Saturday, January 29, 2011

Medications – Nausea / Vomiting

One of my least favorite aspects of being sick is the all too often encountered duo of nausea and vomiting.  It feels horrible and for me eventually leads to pulled muscles and ER trips for IV fluids and meds.  I spent most of the MLK holiday afternoon a few weeks ago in the ER for this.  I can think of a few places I would have enjoyed more.  

There were two major benefits to my recent trip to the ER and some other good info.  
  1. First, it got my stomach calm enough to keep liquids down so I was only there for a couple hours. 
  2. Second, and more important in the long term, the ER doc told me about the oral rapid dissolve form of Zofran that is available.  I was intrigued and relieved that there was an alternative to the pills that were clearly not being absorbed properly in my stomach.  I’m happy to report that the dissolving tablets feel like they’re working a little better.
  3. Third, more as a point of interest because I didn’t know it exists, the ER doc also told me about a suppository form of Phenergan.  Personally, I’m a little squeamish about this method of delivery, but when the options are go to the ER or find a non-oral route… the decisions sometimes make themselves.
I’ve also found the old standby, ginger ale, to be helpful as a restart fluid.  I’ve been mixing it with juice or Gatorade to create the illusion of a flavor variety.

Oh, shoveling also seems to aggravate this, so mother nature can keep diverting the snow around DC for the rest of the winter. I thought my days of throwing up in bushes were over. ;)  



  1. Hi Jen! I found your blog when I checked the Google Analytics for mine and saw I had a visit from here. Thanks for posting that link!

    So have you been officially diagnosed with gastroparesis? Did you have a gastric emptying study yet? That's more accurate in determining GP than an endoscopy (although I went through both, along with a colonoscopy and many other tests). I've never met anyone with post-surgical gastroparesis. Mine is idiopathic (they don't really know), but most likely post-viral.

    The only "medication" I take every day is Align probiotic, which has been extremely helpful. I also take Phenergan every now and then for nausea, but I try to avoid it because it knocks me out. I chew on crystallized ginger when I get waves of nausea, and that's been a comforting natural remedy.

    I look forward to reading more from you and Vicki!

  2. Hi Mollee, thanks for stopping by! I don't have an 'official' diagnosis yet, it's more of a working diagnosis until they figure out what is actually going on. I have not had a gastric emptying test but I will be requesting one the next time I see my GI doc so we can either rule it out or get some more definitive information.

    Part of my issue is that only some of my symptoms fit with GP, and others do not. If it is actually GP their guess is that either the vagus nerve was damaged during surgery, or that a post surgical stomach infection is the culprit.

    Glad to hear that the probiotics have worked well for you! I have tried a handful and they do help a bit. I'm very lucky since most medications that knowck people out don't usually affect me that way.

    Thanks again for reading, look forward to talking with you more.