Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another week, more tests, no answers

I’m glad to say that all the domperidone is out of my system and I’m a whole lot less itchy, breathing is easier and the swelling seems to be gone.  Unfortunately my nausea has proportionally increased over the same time period. All my GI had to say about it was an apology that most people don’t have any adverse reactions to it and since we’ve tried that and Reglan there’s nothing else medication-wise he can suggest. Well, other than increasing my Zofran dose.

Now mind you… this is before I even have an actual diagnosis of what is causing my digestive issues. 
While I was at my GI’s office today I did ask him to write me an order for the gastric emptying scan and will hopefully get that done in the near future.  I’m hoping my local hospital will be able to do the scan since I know they have a nuclear medicine department.  And it would be nice to know if this is the beast I’m really dealing with, or if it’s not.

The highlight of the visit was when my GI suggested I go get a neurological eval in case the symptoms are coming from something in my brain.  I’m having trouble shaking the feeling that he is completely out of ideas and just trying to pawn me off onto another specialist. 

I’m trying to go back to a semi-solid diet but I’m finding it difficult.  Solid foods just taste better. 

So, no answers this week.  I’m disenchanted with my GI at the moment and very much hoping that the next week may hold more answers.

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  1. Wow Jen, I had no idea you were going through all this. It sounds awful.
    I hope the doctors come up with a solution soon.