Monday, February 21, 2011

Gastric Emptying Scan

Well, I just got home from my gastric emptying scan.  It was a little on the strange side, procedure wise, but mostly just boring and a little uncomfortable toward the end.  It took me forever to find the nuclear medicine department once I got to the hospital since Fairfax is so much bigger than Fair Oaks, but I did manage to make it there even a few minutes early (shocking, I know!). 

Once I got there and checked in, I had to wait a few minutes and then they brought me back to the scanner room.  I was then given a pair of latex gloves and my breakfast!  It appeared to be a couple microwaved egg whites and two pieces of toast.  Had I not been heaving since I got up it might have actually been halfway enjoyable.  I managed to get (and keep) it down for the scan though. Phew.

Oh, I’m told the latex gloves were just an imaging contamination issue, they didn’t want any of the radioisotopes on my hands or shirt since that would throw off the results.  Not because the eggs were going to turn me into the incredible hulk on contact.  A girl can only hope though.  :P 

Anyway, after I consumed their lovely breakfast all I had to do was lie in the detector for 90 minutes.  It started to get uncomfortable after an hour or so since you’re lying on the same sort of slab as when you go for a CT/MRI/ etc.  A few cat naps and a tv in view helped pass the time.

The tech didn’t give me any clues as to results, but it looked like there was still a good bit of density in the stomach that hadn’t filtered any lower yet.  So I’ll be calling the GI to get the results in a day or two.  Can’t wait to hear what gems of wisdom they have for me then.

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