Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Relief

I don't think I really mentioned it but I started going to a local chiropractor in MD sometime in February.  She took my insurance and did the technique that I was looking for (yes, my mother has spoiled me in this respect.  As much as we don't get along, she's a damn good doctor).  So off I went for over a month.  In hindsight she didn't a) have enough experience with the technique or b) just couldn't find my neck issues so it was mostly an exercise in futility with no real improvement, only another trip to the hospital and an ear infection.

Thankfully, she did at least acknowledge that she wasn't really helping me that much and suggested that I go see a different chiropractor for another set of eyes. 

It's been a world of difference with this new guy, who took about four seconds to find the neck issue.  Since then I've started getting some relief for the dizzy spells, nausea and some of the other less palatable GI issues.  Unfortunately the 'fixing' process comes with massive constant headaches as the pieces re-learn where they are supposed to go. 

Short story, I'm hoping that this will continue to help all the other issues that noone has been able to explain.

So there's today's PSA.  Everyone needs a good chiropractor.

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