Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Change of tune

So maybe this is what I get for posting something slightly hopeful before I went to sleep Friday morning.  Because I didn’t sleep, I was up all night spending quality time with the porcelain god.  It started after dinner on Thursday and didn’t relent.  I called my family doc about noon on Friday and they suggested I head to urgent care to get some IV anti-nausea meds and fluid. 

I packed some stuff (just in case) and headed off to urgent care.  After they took their sweet time trying multiple times (in some very odd and painful places) to get an IV in they gave up and suggested I head to the ER.  I asked for my copay back, but that didn’t go over well. *smirks*  So much for using the ‘prudent’ route so I wouldn’t contribute to clogging up the ER.

Luckily it was a slow Friday afternoon and I didn’t have to wait.  Needless to say they got the IV access on the first shot, though it wasn’t the best one I’ve had.  It was sore the entire time and has left a nasty bruise on most of the back of my hand.

Finallly the IV meds and fluids started to come (have I mentioned that I’m still vomiting at this point?).  They suggest ANOTHER CT to rule out obstructions.  What the hell, I’m sure I glow in the dark by now.  By nothing less than a small miracle I kept down the contrast for the CT for precisely five minutes past the scan was complete.  Ugh.

They admitted me at some point Friday night and sent me up to the medical floor.  Saturday and Sunday were predominantly wait and see hoping that my system would calm down with continued electrolyte replacement and more meds.  The short answer, not really.

On Monday they decided to do an Upper GI series, which like everything else was normal.  Thankfully by Monday mid-morning I had finally stopped heaving.

No real resolution to anything after four days in the hospital.  My GI came by Monday afternoon and told me that they are pretty sure it’s gastroparesis even though the tests aren’t really validating that.  He then proceeded to tell me that there isn’t anything they can do for me really and suggested I eat smaller meals.  Um…. Wtf?

I’m still not feeling particularly well and am sleeping a lot.  I’m keeping some fluids down which is better than nothing.  I’ll be calling Hopkins tomorrow to see how long and what it will take to get in to see one of their guys.

Anyway, it’s very good timing for spring break to be this week since I’m falling apart.


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