Friday, March 11, 2011

New Specialists = New Diagnostic Tests = Moderately renewed hope in the system

I reserve the right to immediately lose any of said hope if the diagnostic tests all come back normal and the doctor(s) suddenly have no idea what to try next. *grins*

The less cryptic version…..

I went to see my neurologist this afternoon.  Went through the symptoms and diagnostic strike outs that lead to him being the next person on the list to try.  Also went through the stuff that I had seen him for a couple years ago (completely unrelated) to make sure there didn’t seem to be anything old still in play. 

At this point I guess I should mention that over the last couple weeks in addition to the usual symptoms, I’ve started having some annoying balance / dizziness type issues that make the nausea worse.  Things like looking down over a railing from the second floor and getting dizzy, looking in the side car mirrors while driving and getting dizzy, walking around a corner too fast and getting dizzy.  Not full on everything is spinning dizzy, mind you, but enough of a signal from my body that something isn’t quite right with really bad brain fog and I guess a lightheaded component to it.

He did a handful of observational things: looked in my ears, eyes and did the standard neurological quick tests.  Also did some positional testing which makes him think the dizziness is indeed positional which points toward my ears as potential culprits.

My rock star ENT is on vacation till May (wtf?) so I’ve been looking around for a new one till he gets back.  The neurologist had a suggestion so I will call them tomorrow and cross my fingers that they can see me reasonably soon.  So far from the calls I’ve made, 3 weeks out was the closest appointment.  In my world, that just doesn’t seem acceptable. 

So, I have a vascular ultrasound and a brain + IAC (internal auditory canals) MRI scheduled for next week.  With luck I’ll get in to see an ENT before my follow up with the neuro in two weeks. 

At this point I will actually be equally as thrilled to hear that my ears and brain are just fine as I would be to hear that someone finally figured out what the heck is making my body revolt.  And well, given my ear history it’s not entirely impossible that they could be messing up my stomach.  The MRI should also be able to make sure that I don’t have any recurrence of the wonderful infection I had a couple years ago.  My head isn’t on the verge of splitting into two, so I’m wagering on not an infection. Lol


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