Saturday, March 5, 2011

GI Doc Weekly...

I had a sit down with my GI to discuss the results of the normal gastric emptying scan on Thursday.  From the last few visits, I was half expecting just to get blown off.  I didn’t really get blown off, but I also didn’t get a ton of warm fuzzies.  My GI still believes that a motility disorder is causing my issues, but that it’s likely either a stomach relaxation issue or it’s motility at some other point other than my stomach.  He also asserted that there are no tests available for testing those types of things.  So, his answer is to just treat the symptoms.  

I’m not a fan of that answer from ANY of my doctors…

In the short term his only suggestions were to double my Zofran dose and to try cutting out lactose to see if that helps with any of the abdominal issues.  Oh, and to come back in 6 weeks.

So, the current plan is to go see the neurologist and my ENT to see if there are any brain or ear issues that might be contributing to the picture.  If those are fine, then I’ll be in the market for another GI that specializes in motility stuff that can hopefully give me a better idea of what is (or isn’t) going on.

It’s been a very long week.

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