Thursday, March 31, 2011

The old standby...

I've been conducting the 'pretend nothing is wrong with your stomach' experiment with mixed success since last week.  I've been tracking everything that I eat and what it's been doing to me.  It has been very nice to just eat regular food again.  I've been self limiting my diet since October to try and get the symptoms under control.  It's been a bit painful, but thankfully everything is staying down with the medication.

Now, the interesting wrinkle.  I mentioned that I went to the ENT for the issues with dizziness that have been occurring for probably a month or so.  After he went poking around to examine stuff I noticed that my ears were really sore.  And it didn't really go away.  Instead, over the last week my right ear seemed to be getting worse.  I was hoping the exercises to get rid of the vertigo were just irritating something.  I'm not actually sure what triggered it but by Tuesday night I was in full on 'ready to shove an ice pick into my ear' pain mode.  Which typically means one thing.  Wednesday I got into see the new ENT, as the 'blood is coming out of my ear' part of the symptom list was enough to get an appointment midday. He confirmed that it appears to be infected.  Which struck everyone as odd, since nothing looked too awry last week. 

I have to wonder whether this has been brewing for a while now.  And if it has been, how much of my nausea has been because of that and not my stomach. 

I'm more than ready to be done with the ear pain, that's for sure.  Fingers crossed that more of my symptoms go away as the ear gets better.  That would be phenominal.

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